Spring 2020 ONLINE Classes

Here are the details:
* For Spring 2020 Maracas collection, I will be running 20-minute-long live classes at our standing class times through the web based platform called "Zoom". You and your children will be able to join the Zoom session up to 5 minutes early and stay up to 5 minutes late so you can "virtually visit" with me, your friends and your children's classmates for a bit before and after class.
* In addition, at your convenience, you and your children will be able to access two additional 20-minute-long recorded classes, bringing the total class time to a full hour every week as is typical. Each recorded class will have new songs and other new content.
* The classes are set to begin on 3/31 and continue for 10 weeks.  This will provide a total of 10 hours across 30 online (live or recorded) class experiences per class. 
* I will send out the codes for the app to all who are registered right away so you have the Maracas music.  You will have your choice of a virtual songbook or a hard copy of the Maracas songbook.
* In addition, during this difficult time where many of us are homebound, Music Together® will be providing downloadable coloring/activity pages, parent education printables, videos from around the world and other exclusives.  This is unique for this "online" semester!
Here are the pricing and registration details:
* The tuition price for this online session is $175 PER FAMILY, which comes out to less than $6 per class experience.  This means that everyone (including returning families) will receive at least a $10 discount from the $185 cost of in-person classes and additionally any siblings will be able to attend for free. 
* If you ARE NOT already registered, registration can be competed online: you can CLICK HERE to be taken directly to our class page. Payments can be made through our online registration system OR a check sent to: Notable Beginnings, 85 Alexander Drive, McMurray, PA 15317
Notable Beginnings